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LWR Plus Task-Based Activities - LWR Book 4

UPDATED- Fillable PDFs are now available!

LWR+ Task-Based Activities are aligned with the competencies and task groups within the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) including level indicators and performance descriptors. The activities in Book 4 can also be used as stand-alone activities for learners at (IALS) Level 1 and Level 2 who are not using Laubach Way to Reading skill books.

Complete Booklet Download

Click on free downloadable Word version:

LWR Plus Task-Based Activities LWR Book 4

Individual Tasks Downloads

Please read the Introduction, Competencies and Task Chart (also included is a practitioner guide overview for use with the below tasks).

Then choose a task below for free downloadable Word version:

Interpret a Software Table
Write a Personal Letter
Change of Address Form -- English and French
Filling in a Calendar
Garbage Collection
Childcare Form
Read a Newspaper Article
Magazine Table of Contents
Interpret a Small Town Map
Measuring Length and Distance
Filling Out a Bank Account Application
Complete an Invoice for Fence Materials
Hockey Hall of Fame
Bus Schedule
Watch an Apprenticeship Video
Interpreting a Yard Sale Advertisement

Christmas Party Poster
Federal Election Voting
Health History Form
GED Brochure
Online Word Quest
Terry Fox Research Report

***NEW*** We also have fillable PDF versions. The ZIP file below contains original Word versions and fillable PDFs.