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Training, Development and Certification Committee

Purpose:  Develop and maintain standards for training and certification for the Province of Ontario in accordance with the vision, the mission and the policies of LLO.

Laubach Literacy Ontario is committed to providing our members with innovative services.  In the past few years, the Training, Development and Certification Committee (TDAC) has improved and simplified the apprenticeship and certification process.

The certification process focuses on trainer proficiencies and takes prior learning and experience into account.  If you are from a member agency and are interested in becoming an Apprentice Trainer, please contact the office.

In Development -

We are developing our online classroom as resources are available, and within our capacity.  Components of our three certified practitioner - training workshops are online--Tutor Training Workshop, Trainer Workshop and Supervising Trainer Workshop - as well as courses for Learners at http://laubach-on.ca/teach/members/onlineclassroom.

Watch our site for announcements about upcoming improvements to our training, development and certification processes, or contact any of the existing TDAC members with specific questions or suggestions:
  • Robyn Cook-Ritchie, Grand Erie Learning Alternatives
  • Stephanie Hobbs, Simcoe/Muskoka Regional Network
  • Helen McLeod, Hamilton Literacy Council
  • Carol Risidore, Hamilton Literacy Council