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Conference and workshop evaluations

Full conference evaluation and workshop evaluations are available below:
General Evaluation

W1: Labour Market Information for LBS and ES Practitioners - Sara Gill, Adult Basic Education Association
W1 Evaluation

W2 & W9: Appreciating our Gifts through Personality Dimensions - Rae Anne Hill-Beauchamp B.Ed., M.Ed.
W2 & W9 Evaluation

W3: Mental Health/Illness Awareness: A Required Life Skill - Wendy Stanyon, Associate Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
W3 Evaluation

W4: Mobile Learners’ Toolkit: Simple Applications for Powerful Results - Dr.  Agnieszka (Aga) Palalas, Athabasca University &  Svetlana Lupasco, YRDSB
W4 Evaluation

W5 & W12: Teaching Without Telling: Disrupting Normative Models of Instruction Using Creative Communication to Maximize Student Learning, Engagement and Independence - Megan Pratt, OCT, M. Ed, Mohawk College
W5 & W12 Evaluation

Prezi Links:
Part I: click here
Part II: click here

Wait Time, Socratic Method, and Active Listening
Main Handout

W6: Mohawk College Access Programs, Aboriginal Education, Transition and Student Services Panel Discussion - Dr. Rebecca M. Mills, School of Communications and Preparatory Studies, Mohawk College

W7: Effective inclusion: Strategies of integration for the Aboriginal student in the Liberal Arts curriculum - Sarah Maloney and Paula D’Amico, Professors, Niagara College
W7 Evaluation

W8: Critical Thinking and Engagement in Literacy Learning - Rhonda Dynes, MA, M.Ed, Communications Professor at Mohawk College 

W10: Boredom, Battles and Bad Behaviour: How to tame your board of directors and create a high-performing team - Gay Douglas, Gay Douglas and Associates Consulting Firm
W10 Evaluation

W11 & W25: Google Apps for Education and Nonprofits, and Chromebooks, oh my! A new way to manage your class, assignments and resources - Monika Jankowska-Pacyna, AlphaPlus Consultant
W11 & W25 Evaluation

Google Slides Presentation: 
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W13: Student AGM - LLO Student Committee, Diana White, Mary Ann Baker
W13 Evaluation

W15: Financial Literacy—Budgeting: You and Your Money - Sara Gill, Executive Director, Adult Basic Education Association, Hamilton
W15 Evaluation

W16: Great Marketing: Where to Start and How to Keep the Attention - Frances Yarbrough,  Executive Director, North Simcoe Victim Services
W16 Evaluation

W17: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity - Kristina Campbell, B.A., AOGPEA, Educational Therapist
W17 Evaluation

W19: Supporting & Developing Successful, Independent Learners and Critical Thinkers: Preparing first year students as academic thinkers - Sarah Maloney and Paula D’Amico, Professors, Niagara College
W19 Evaluation

W20: Finding Your Inner Artist: Think Outside the Box - Laura Lee, Orillia & District Literacy Council
W20 Evaluation

W21 & W22: A Storybook Model to Support Adult Literacy for Persons with Mental Health Issues - Susan Docherty-Skippen, Instructor, Faculty of Education, Brock University
W21 Evaluation

W23: Volunteer Recognition 2.0 - Frances Yarbrough,  Executive Director, North Simcoe Victim Services
W23 Evaluation

W24:  Living Indigenous Literacy - Michelle Davis and Bonnie Jane Maracle, Ontario Native Literacy Coalition
W24 Evaluation

W27: Three Awesome Things Combined #PuppyMonkeyBaby, #LearnNetworkShare - Robyn Cook-Ritchie, Laubach Literacy Ontario