Student Success Stories

Stories celebrating students' success

Patricia's Story

Well I didn’t finish high school. No surprise there! I dropped out because I was always told I was stupid and that I wouldn’t get anywhere. So I just stop going and got lots of jobs moved around a lot. At 22 I had my first child and so I stopped working to take care of my children till they were old enough to not need me around as much.

Shanda's Story: My Second Chance

Written by: Shanda Laberge


My reading problems have affected my life in countless ways.  From childhood on, I had always had problems with reading and spelling. But, my story starts in high school.  Very seldom did I attend classes while I was enrolled in high school. I was what people would call a troubled teen. My reading skills were such an embarrassment, it made me hate school.

John's Story

I’ve been working with my student, who I will call John, for almost a year and a half now. John still only admits to close friends his need for help with writing and spelling. He is a skilled tradesperson, who works full time and also on part time projects. Between that and keeping a love life going, John does not have a lot of time, but I know that he considers our sessions important and he has never missed one without good reason. In John’s normal work day, the only material he may be reading is blueprints.

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