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Full conference evaluation and workshop evaluations are available below:

W1: Anytime ESL— Bringing online learning to ESL students in Ontario
Heather Robinet  & Erin Jones
W1 Evaluation

W2/10: Getting Techy — Integrating Technology to tackle reading and writing learning challenges
Sarah Maloney
W2/10 Evaluation

W3: Mental Health/Illness Awareness: A Required Life Skill   
Wendy Stanyon
W3 Evaluation

W4: Training and Working with Volunteers
Hilary Reid
W4 Evaluation

W5: Tough Questions: How Reframing Goalsetting from a “what?” to a “why?” Activity can Retain and Engage Learners   
Megan Pratt

W6: Aboriginal Education: Learning Strategies & Traditional Teaching Techniques
Bonnie Jane Maracle
W6 Evaluation

W7: Get in the Game:  How to use gaming motivation in the classroom  
Summer Burton
W7 Evaluation

W8: Story Writing
Tracey Mollins
W8 Evaluation

W9: Issues in ESL Literacy
Tracey Mollins

W11: Yes I can: A mental health guide for adult literacy facilitators 
Wendy Stanyon
W11 Evaluation

W12: From Abacus to Zimbardo 
Matthew Shulman
W12 Evaluation

W13: The Secrets of Social Butterflies: 20 Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Social Media Marketing and Digital Outreach
Megan Pratt

W14: How to Become Learning Enabled
Vito Mendonca
W14 Evaluation

W15: Introducing Literacy Uplift App 
Agnieszka Palalas & Przemyslaw Pawluk
W15 Evaluation

W16: Student AGM  
LLO Student Committee
W16 Evaluation
Student Workshop Suggestions for Future Conferences

W17: Building Bridges Through Storytelling
Summer Thorpe
W17 Evaluation

W18: Bridging Indigenous Philosophy in Education 
Norma Jacobs

W19: Hello, is anyone out there?
Dennis Chippa
W19 Evaluation

W20: Using Facebook and other social media to connect with others
Monika Jankowska-Pacyna
W20 Evaluation

W21: Implementing Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) through a marginalized Creating Writing Class
Nida Doherty
W21 Evaluation

W22/25: Creating New Writers— Story Writing 
Sarah Maloney
W22/25 Evaluation

W23: Assess your Board: Top 10 Indicators of Strong Board Governance
Gay Douglas
W23 Evaluation

W24: Lessons Learned: How literacy programs use Google Apps and Chromebooks in their practice
Matthias Sturm & Monika Jankowska-Pacyna
W24 Evaluation

W26: The OALCF Environmental, Literacy and Community Engagement
Jake Martell
W26 Evaluation

W27: Giving Feedback to  Adult Learners
Karen Morgan-Bowyer
W27 Evaluation

W28: Money Matters to Indigenous Peoples: Spending Plans and Budgeting
Allison Nichol Longtin
W28 Evaluation

W29: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Dennis Chippa
W29 Evaluation

W30: Truth & Reconciliation: Calls to Action & the Education of Aboriginal Peoples
Iehnhotonkwas Bonnie Jane Maracle 
W30 Evaluation

W31:  Issues in ESL Literacy
Tracey Mollins
W31 Evaluation



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