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Conference 2015: Lighting the Path to the Future

Laubach Literacy Ontario and Ontario Native Literacy Coalition
 partnered this year to provide an exciting, successful conference that was held at Lakehead University Orillia Campus from June 19-21, 2015. 

This year there were 23 interesting and informative workshops that included a great selection for everyone. 
There was also a sharing circle which gave Anglophone and Native LBS agencies an informal opportunity to share ideas, concerns, successes and challenges. And back by popular demand - a scavenger hunt for learners! All of this along with some great food and comfortable accommodations made for a busy but fun weekend.

Guest speaker, 'Story Teller' Sherry Lawson was very well received. She had everyone laughing Friday night while sharing her experiences.

Further entertainment on Friday night was arranged by ONLC. They had a wonderful group share traditional singing and social dancing in full head dress. Everyone had a lot of fun and many even joined in for some dances!

ONLC also arranged for a beautiful sunrise ceremonial fire Saturday morning. Over 50 participants were up before 7:00 to take part. This ended with each participant being 'smudged' - a new and beautiful experience for most of us.

Saturday night our retiring Board President, Gary Porter did a great job as emcee. He handled our new Arnie Stewart Individual Achievement Award ceremony and all other announcements like a pro. Followed  by a great DJ playing some amazing music made it a fantastic night.

Thank you to Ontario Native Literacy Coalition for making this such a special conference to remember. We couldn't have done it without you.

We'd also like to thank co-hosts Orillia and District Literacy Council and The Literacy Society of South Muskoka for all of their help. Your help made our lives a lot easier and was very much appreciated.


Full conference evaluation and workshop evaluations are available below:

Full Conference Evaluation

W1: Learning How to Make Evaluation Work (and Workable) for Your Program - Tamara Kaattari, LLSC
W1 Evaluation
W2: An Indigenous Language-Learning Process - Bonnie Jane Maracle, ONLC
W2 Evaluation
W3: Resource Reveal: New resources/boutique programs and research findings in LBS - Robyn Cook-Ritchie, LLO
W3 Evaluation

W4: Old Books; Amazing You: Celebrating Your Story - Joanne Kaattari, CLO
W4 Evaluation
W5: Just for You- Online Task-based Activities! - Debera Flynn, QUILL
W5 Evaluation
PowerPoint Presentation

Click here for a link to the front page of the LBS Task Based Activities for LBS portal.
W6: Supporting Learner Gains Assessment Implementation for LBS Programs in Ontario - Sandi Hennessey, CSC
W6 Evaluation
W7: Client Perspectives Project: What matters to clients and learners as they transition? - Gay Douglas, Gay Douglas & Associates
W7 Evaluation
W8: Encourage Digital Literacy by using Google Apps (GAFE) - Danielle Gignac, LDAWE
W8 Evaluation
W9: Gae:ya’ dagwe:ni:yo’ Gah wahji:ya: de’ Performative and Animated Learning - Gloria Thomas Ph.D. and Gloria Thomas, Grand River Employment
W9 Evaluation
W10 and W22: Red Cross CPR - Dennis Chippa, First Aid Training Partner
W10/W22 Evaluation
W11 and W17: Trainer Workshop - Helen McLeod & Robyn Cook-Ritchie, LLO TDAC Committee
W11/W17 Evaluation
W12: Resourceful Google Drive for Enhanced Learning and Teaching in Adult Literacy - Svetlana Lupasco, YRDSB
W12 Evaluation

W13: Ethical Space through the lens of the Two Row Wampum - Catherine Longboat, Tecumseh Centre
W13 Evaluation
W14: How Did That Work Out for You? - Dennis Chippa, Chippa Communications
W14 Evaluation
W15: The ABCs of Learning Disabilities and Adult Literacy - Mary Ann Fuduric, LDAWE and Alicea Fleming, LLO
W15 Evaluation
ABCs of Learning Disabilities

W16: Student AGM and Technology Training - Danielle Gignac and Kayla Belanger, LDAWE
W16 Evaluation
Meeting Minutes from Student AGM
W18 Using Evernote to manage resources and actively support learners in a multi-level classroom - Monika Jankowska-Pacyna, AlphaPlus and Maxine Brown, Dixon Hall
W18 EvaluationEvernot
Evernote Webinar Recording
Presentation Slides

W19: Pulling Together Techniques to Stimulate Positive Outcomes
W19 Evaluation - Liana Lepinwell, Georgian College

W21: If You Can Write a Letter, You Can Write Fiction - Alice DeMunnik, author, editor & teacher
W21 Evaluation
W23: Understanding and Utilizing Ningwakwe Learning Press (NLP) Literacy Materials - Bob Rice, NLP
W23 Evaluation
W24: Succession Planning - Robyn Cook-Ritchie, RCR Consultants
W24 Evaluation
Succession Planning Workshop Materials

For list of presenters along with their workshop descriptions click here.