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LWR Plus Task-Based Activities - LWR Book 2

UPDATED- Fillable PDFs are now available!

LWR+ Task-Based Activities are aligned with the competencies and task groups within the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) including level indicators and performance descriptors.  They can also be used as stand-alone activities for learners at (IALS) Level 1 who are not using Laubach Way to Reading skill books.

Complete Booklet Download

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LWR Plus Task-Based Activities LWR Book 2

Individual Tasks Downloads

Please read the Introduction, Competencies and Task Chart (also included is a practitioner guide overview for use with the below tasks).

Then choose a task below for free downloadable Word version:

Introduction, Competencies and Task Chart

Determine Ring Sizes
Write a Shopping List for a Fish Dinner
Research and Locate Cities on a Map
Share Your Opinion on Gun Control
Compare Membership Packages
Read a Flyer About Eggs
Complete a Health Information Log
Identifying Common Household Pests
Write Thank You Cards
Record Health Care Provider Contact Information
Interpret an Infographic About Causes of House Fires
Use a Website to Learn About Farmers' Markets

***NEW*** We also have fillable PDF versions. The ZIP file below contains original Word versions and fillable PDFs.