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Linking Laubach with Essential Skills

The Linking Laubach with Essential Skills project looked at the three Essential Skills: Reading Text Document Use; and Writing and their relationship to three key Laubach series: Laubach Way to Reading, Challenger and Voyager. Essential Skills are dormant until there is a task. The Project Team compared the materials to Essential Skills to determine at approximately what level the materials would support the acquisition of Essential Skills. The "Link" charts in the overall report show the relationship between Essential Skills and the Laubach materials. The original articulation to the five Literacy and Basic Skills levels have also been reproduced it the charts for comparison purposes. The anchor pages found in appendix B, C and D document the work done by the pilot sites to support the levels reported in the link charts. You can download a presentation that summarizes and compares the three key Laubach series: Laubach Way to Reading, Challenger and Voyager (great for tutor training) as well as the complete Linking Laubach with Essential Skills document. Both of these are available to you for download at no cost. If you would like a hard copy version of 'Linking Laubach with Essential Skills - Project' OR a dvd of 'Linking Laubach with Essential Skills - Presentation' please contact us by phone, e-mail OR mail and we will be happy to provide to you. Please be advised that we will have to charge for materials, postage and our time.

Project Team and Acknowledgments

Researched and Written by: Robyn Cook-Ritchie Project Managed by: Lana Faessler Advisory Committee: Diane Coombs, Linda Martin, Joanne Prior Pilot Sites: Midland Area Reading Council, Simcoe County District School Board: The Learning Centres, Central North Correctional Centre Campus; The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region

Published by: Laubach Literacy Ontario 65 Noecker St., Room 8A Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 2R6 Toll Free: 1-866 608-2574 March 2009

Laubach Literacy Ontario gratefully acknowledges funding provided by the Ontario Government under Employment Ontario

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