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BLEST Practioner Guide AND Learner Activities Booklet


LLO is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed a federally-funded project entitled Building Literacy, Essential Skills and Life Skills through Thematic Learning Modules using Authentic Materials (BLEST).  Through this project we developed three specific thematic modules for learners that include a variety of level 1 and 2 activities:

1. Essential Skills for Everyday Living
2. Essential Skills for Health
3. Essential Skills for Social Participation

The modules were developed to be delivered both face-to-face and online.  The accompanying BLEST Practitioner Guide can be used with both the modes of delivery.  The Practitioner Guide includes a Module Planning Template which can be used as a guide to develop thematic modules for literacy learners.  It also includes a Certificate of Completion for learners, to recognize completion of each module.

All member programs and support organizations will receive a complimentary hard copy of the Learner Activities and Practitioner Guide.

The BLEST Learner Activities and Practitioner Guide are available free to download or additional hard copies can be purchased on a cost-recovery basis. To order this pair of documents just fill in the quanitity below and add to cart. There is a savings of $7.00 when ordered as a pair but they are also available individually - http://www.laubach-on.ca/bookstore/llo-publications

The online versions of the learner modules can also be accessed on LLO’s Training Post:  http://laubach.alphaplus.ca/moodle1/login/index.php

They can be found under the course category:  “For Learners”.