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Conference 2012: Reaching your goals, reaching your dreams

This year’s theme, Reaching your goals, reaching your dreams, reminds us that we all can reach for our dreams.

We welcome literacy students, practitioners, administrators, coordinators and all who help us weave the magic of literacy. We hope that this event will give you an opportunity to come together to meet, learn,  share ideas, get recharged and inspired.

Online Promotional Video for Employers: "Literacy in Ontario: The Bottom Line Impact"

The Local Boards Network, in partnership with Literacy Link Niagara, LLEO Essential Skills Training, Niagara Workforce Planning Board and Employment Ontario, has created a helpful four-minute online video called “Literacy in Ontario: The Bottom Line Impact”.

This video has been designed to promote adult literacy to employers across Ontario. See the video below, or check it out on YouTube by following this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs9eoC-MEFI

Ontario's Sector Networks offer vital support to literacy programs

A newly released overview of Ontario's literacy sector networks highlights the ways in which Laubach Literacy Ontario and other provincial organizations provide effective support and coordination for literacy programs in Ontario. LLO and the other sector networks "support their members and consequently their learners in a very targeted manner, providing direct, timely and practical assistance to programs, and thus contribute in a substantial way to the delivery of quality literacy programming in Ontario."


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