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September 2019 - ABC Life Literacy Canada Partnering with Elections Canada

ABC LIfe Literacy Canada has partnered with Elections Canada to create some helpful tools to help your learners better understand the election process.

Downloadable free posters (created by ABC LIfe Literacy and Elections Canada) are available to help promote the upcoming election at your organization.

Together they have created a guide to help literacy practitioners engage adult learners in civic literacy in advance of the October 2019 federal election. The information, links and suggested activities help students learn about voting basics such as how to register to vote, different ways to vote and the accessibility resources available. They also guide practitioners through talking to their students about why voting is important and what to expect at a polling place. Each page of the guide includes links for more information. They have also included a step-by-step activity at the end of the booklet to help practitioners and learners hold their own practice election in the classroom or at home. 

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