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President's Message Delivered at LLO's 2010 AGM

The following is the message from LLO's president, Sue Bannon, delivered at the 2010 LLO Annual General Meeting.  You can download the full AGM report from our Annual Reports page.

Well my first year as president has come and gone! I would like to take a moment and recognize all of LLO’s Board Members and thank them for all the hard work and dedication they have shown to LLO and its members over the past year. What an awesome bunch of people and it has been a real pleasure to work with each and every one of them this past year! Thank you to Carol Risidore, Helen McLeod, Joanne Prior, Jennifer Ellis, Gary Porter, Keith Allen and Jane Jackson!

President Sue Bannon speaks at AGM

In November 2009 many of us attended Queen’s Park with some students, practitioners and volunteers and had a very successful day speaking to Ministers, MPP’s, press people and anyone else who would listen to us. Thank you to all of you that took time out of your busy schedules to attend Queen’s park and speak on the importance of Literacy and Basic Skills Community Based programs. LLO was encouraged by the strong support we had for this event and have scheduled Monday November 15th, 2010 to hold our 2nd Annual Literacy Awareness Day event at Queens Park. If anyone is interested in participating in or helping to organize this event, please contact the LLO office. Stay tuned for more details!

We must not forget to recognize our fantastic staff at the LLO office. Lana Faessler and Mary Anne Baker are to be commended for holding things together and must be recognized for all the hard work they do for us each and every day. Thank you Lana and Mary Anne!!!

In closing, LLO, along with all our members, have become quite a team! I encourage you all to continue to raise awareness of literacy issues, and stand together and help one another through these difficult times.

Sue Bannon